Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Treatment for Sinusitis, Sinus Infections via Steam Inhalation

A recent sinus infection sidetracked me & nothing seemed to help: not over the counter medicine, not bed rest, green tea, emergen c, vitamin b, neti pot…the list goes on & on. Then I recalled a client who suggested steam inhalation of Oregano essential oil & Peppermint essential oil. I added Thyme Thujanol* essential oil to the mix, (a few drops of each oil), in my bathroom sink with steaming hot water, put a towel over my head, closed my eyes, & inhaled deeply for several minutes. The mucous started to loosen & I began to cough. The combination worked as an expectorant, helping to clear the sinuses. I started a regimen of antibiotics begrudgingly, but continued with the steam inhalation method daily, & placed cotton balls with Oregano & Peppermint in my pillowcase each night. A pathway to relief at last!
*(from our website, “Thyme Thujanol…reputed to be strongly anti-viral & a stimulant to the immune system…”)


Liz said...


I use a similar essential oil blend for sinus troubles; peppermint,thyme, marjoram, ravensara, and eucalyptus radiata. I place a few drops of the esse

Kim G. said...

To use this steam therapy for children, do you need to change the oils or reduce the amount of each one? My child is currently 7 years and about 64 lbs.

Marge said...

Kim, I'm just a tad leery of using the Oregano with a seven year old. I think I'd try the Thyme Thujanol, perhaps with a bit of eucalyptus smithii or radiata first. (The Thujonal is both gentle and extremely effective as a germ fighter.)

I'm also wondering about getting a seven year old to stay still for the "towel tent"...

Anonymous said...

Please help -- I have a 3 year old with chronic sinus infections. He has Down Syndrome and this is a known consquence of the small sinus cavity with kids with DS. He has had surgery, been on strong antibiotics daily for weeks on end. He's miserable -- constant thick drainage, making it difficult for him to eat, participate in speech therapy. I need a natural solution. How exactly should I use aramatherapy to help. I am a certified nurse midwife and am very open to any alternative remedies and preventions! Thanks! Chris

Marge said...

Chris, because of both your son's youth and the complications that might stem from the DS I hesitate to comment on this. (My first thought was perhaps to diffuse either Eucalyptus smithii or Euc.radiata briefly, morning and evening.) For more than that I want to ask some of our health care practitioners for their suggestions. I'll email a couple of people and see if they can suggest anything.

Christi wonders if you have looked at allergies? to pets, to house dust, molds and spores, etc?

Marge said...

Bless the nurses! One of Dr. Jane Buckle's instructors replied to my call for help with the following:

Hi Marge

I agree with your oil choices and I probably would add a small amount of spearmint to the mixture. Or alternate either euc with the spearmint. Think I would do a light concentration three or so times/day. But it would be very mild.

One thing I have done is heat water in a saucepan, add oils, place on the floor of the child's bedroom and close the door. After 5 min or so, remove the pan of water & oil, bring in the child and put to bed. Really helped the kids fall asleep and sleep better.

Just my .02 but I hope it helps. Bye for now, Kathy