Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oils for "A New Earth"

I’ve been following Oprah’s “A New Earth” web event with Eckhart Tolle in recent weeks & heard her say that some 10 million have participated so far. Words to describe the goals of the course that come to mind are expansion, inspiration, transformation, clarity, & receptivity. If you are at all familiar with Eckhart Tolle, you know his writing, although powerful & transforming, can take some time to retain. That started me thinking about which essential oils or blends might be helpful while taking this course. Immediately Clary Sage, Frankincense, Basil, & Peppermint came to mind, as well as our Focus Study blend. But after doing some research, I was surprised to see Bay Laurel is another good choice. Gabriel Mojay notes in “Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit,” that Laurel can be accessed for, “…inspiration, insight, & self esteem.” How fitting for the “New Earth” course of enlightenment! Diffuse gently in an aromalamp or diffuser while reading the material or dab on a tissue nearby. Essential oils can make wonderful study aids for enlightenment courses, helping set the mood by clearing (Clary Sage), creating a sacred space (Frankincense), giving mental clarity (Basil or Peppermint), and promoting insight (Bay Laurel). With such intense material to consider, adding the oils to your “New Earth” or other spiritual study space might provide additional support to the process.

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Joan Barice, MD, MPH said...

Just received your new book, autographed, beautiful, well written. Thanks and congratulations. Joan Barice