Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Means Fighting Ticks & Fleas

We are having the most beautiful Spring here in Middle Tennessee. In fact, one of the best in many years. Everything is lush & green so I've been spending a lot of time outdoors & in the dog park with my dogs Lexi & Cooper. I'm happy to report they are tick & flea free so far, even though ticks have been much worse than usual during our lovely weather. Unfortunately, I've not been tick free, at least not until I started using our Rose Geranium in my Skeeter Beater Body Oil. Ticks frighten me because of the possibility of Lyme Disease. I have several friends who battle it chronically & after seeing their struggles, I am even more aware of the dangers of ticks. I've found a few crawling on me (but not the dogs) & T, our production manager, has also reported seeing high numbers of them this year. (as have several other friends) I apply Skeeter Beater Oil to my doggies once a week from about November-April. But in Spring they usually get two applications a week. With the body oil, you just apply it high below the back of the neck or top of the spine where they cannot reach it. (Just like you would with topical flea & tick control from the vet.) I add a few drops of Rose Geranium to our blend for added protection against ticks. (Reportedly, it repels them.) And you don't need much because the scent of Rose Geranium can be overwhelming. Since adding the Rose Geranium, no more tick sightings on my body or clothing. Hopefully, that tip will also help you as you enjoy the great outdoors throughout the Summer season! Christi


Christi said...

One more note: For human application, I usually put the oil around my ankles & on my arms & wrists & back of my neck.

moondog said...

christi, thanks for a really timely post. i've already had the displeasure of playing host to a couple of the little evil doers from walking in the woods behind my house. our local paper gave some other good hints just this morning. ones that i can remember off hand are to wear light colored clothing so you can see them before they dig in, don't wear loose clothing which is easier for them to infiltrate, and when in the woods, stay in the middle of the path instead of veering off to weedy areas.
marge says diluted helichrysum is great for the itching and other after effects of a bite, as well as our SUNBURN SOOTHER. anyone who has an infested area should consider compiling a small kit of the products that we've mentioned! i did.