Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hydrosols for Pet Birds

As a bird owner, I exercise caution when using essential oils & hydrosols (floral waters) around my 2 parakeets (budgies). Marge is the best at promoting safe & effective use of the oils & those warnings can prove invaluable when dealing with pets. Never ever use essential oils of any kind on your pet bird of any size. They are not equipped with a system which can handle the oils. I've heard horror stories about Tea Tree & other oils used on birds which caused untimely death & extreme distress. However, most parakeets love a birdy bath or a spritzer from time to time, & I accidentally found that my birds love to be spritzed with some of the gentler hydrosols like Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, & Calendula. One day I was spritzing myself & Foley happened to be out & he flew right over & got into the spray. Then he kept coming back for more. Now, if he & Squeaky see me getting the hydrosol bottle out, they become very excited, & when in the cage come right up to the top so I can reach them. Often after I spray their backs, they will turn around for me to get the front as well. I've found after their initial excitement, the hydrosols actually have a calming effect on them. Plus, it seems to make their coats shiny & feathers & skin healthy. As Marge always says, "less is more," in aromatherapy, so if you try hydrosols with your birds, please use a small amount first to gauge their reactions. Budgies enjoy the simple things in life: seed, lettuce, bells to ring, millet, music; so it is no wonder they marvel when experiencing a few spritzes from a gentle hydrosol.

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Kristin H. said...

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