Monday, September 15, 2008


Working at Nature's Gift, I have the opportunity to sample a variety of essential and carrier oils. Marge likes to call it, "playing with the oils," since we are always discovering new uses & benefits. I've had problems with dry & flaky skin under my jaw line & chin that just would not go away. I tried lotions, creams, & of course a variety of our carrier oils. The best luck was with Marula since it absorbs so quickly & Helio Carrot helped some, but made my pillowcase orange. Recently, I had the chance to try our CO2 extracted Pomegranate Seed Oil & after just a couple of days had amazing results. There was a noticeable difference in the dryness & after a week of using a few drops on the dry areas each night after washing my face, it was practically invisible & barely dry. I am continuing to use it each night, sparingly. I love the baking chocolate scent which is the natural scent for this product. (Strange, but true!) It is known for aiding healing in dry sensitive skin which describes my skin perfectly. (the sensitive part) If you do tend to have sensitive skin I would try a sample first & test it on the inside of your wrist. I do this with all eo's and carriers when introducing them to my body since I tend to have numerous allergies & extremely sensitive skin. See the description on our site of the POM CO2. It is truly an amazing oil & I suspect I'm just beginning to enjoy its benefits. P.S. My next experiment will be using it with Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2, as they are said to complement one another.

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Anonymous said...

i love the pom co2 for dryness...particularly dryness due to skiing in colorado (cold & dry!). the addition of pom co2 to my concoctions (i think of all of this as playing too & call my carriers & eo's my toys!) has really helped when my skin's been in dire help.

also, love the smell...have tried other pom co2's...kinda smelt like applying barnyard to my skin...