Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hydrosols are made for Summer

Beating the summer heat in the South can be quite a challenge with high temperatures & high humidity & this summer (so far) is no exception. Here in Tennessee, we've had record breaking temps in recent weeks & summer has just begun. Yet you still have to take care of your home & your pets & go about your daily life while learning to cope with the effects of extreme heat.

Thank goodness for hydrosols! Sometimes I wonder how I ever lived without them. My current favorites are Peppermint & Frankincense. After mowing, yard work, or an extended stay outside, I've found Frankincense to have the most immediate cooling effect when spritzed on my face & the back of my neck. It works better than splashing cool water or using a cold rag. Peppermint hydrosol spritzed into a chilled glass of cold water & sipped lifts my spirits & also provides relief. Peppermint is also great for itchy bug bites or generally cooling arms & the neck.

Another favorite, especially this time of year is our German Chamomile Hydrosol which I find soothing for sunburned skin, & both Tea Tree & Lavender Hydrosols are always good to have around for their many uses. It is funny how having hydrosols within my reach can have such an uplifting effect each summer.

One other tip for cooling down is a few drops of Tea Tree Essential oil in a cool bath. I have a huge clawfoot tub & over the weekend ran a bath with a few drops of Tea Tree & some of our Himalayan Pink Bath Salts, after a long hot walk with my dogs. The combination was heavenly & really aided the cooling process. I am thinking next time I will try our REVIVE! Synergy for this purpose, just not too close to bedtime because the Peppermint in it might be too stimulating for sleep.

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wolfsaromatics said...

I would have never put Frankincense with being cooling. Seeing that it is ruled by the sun and the element of fire and air (the resin is more fire and the oil more air). But this just shows me that what I have been thinking and telling some is true, even when the plant itself has the energy of one element, the oil and defiantly the hydrosol can and most likely will have a deferent energy.