Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Sobering Reminder About the Safe & Effective Use of Oils

A Reminder Why Nature’s Gift Continually Promotes the Safe & Effective Use of Essential Oils, by Christi

A news story making the rounds in the UK this week recounts an essential oil tragedy barely averted. According to reports a midwife lost her job after allegedly giving a blend of sweet almond, lavender, & lime essential oils for a headache to a pregnant woman in the hospital, leaving her side with no instructions for usage. The woman then drank the oils, rather than massaging them into her temples, & was poisoned. Thankfully, her baby boy was delivered safely & she has now recovered. The midwife, who has a diploma in aromatherapy in the UK, was not as fortunate. The Nursing & Midwifery Council dismissed her for official misconduct, after concluding she was a risk to patients. The nurse apparently resigned before the hearing, which she did not attend.

While we do offer some products for pregnant mothers & aromatic birthing, we also provide warnings & helpful information regarding using essential oils during pregnancy.

At Nature’s Gift, Marge continually bangs the drum for the “safe & effective” use of essential oils in aromatherapy, not only on the website & in the newsletter, but through various forms of communication within the industry. At times she has been attacked for erring on the side of caution or challenged when recommending diluting oils for use on skin. Thankfully, as an author & aromatherapy expert, she takes her responsibilities very seriously & has never watered down her message concerning safe & effective use of the oils.

This story out of the UK serves to remind us of what we know or should know if we are regularly using essential oils on ourselves or on others as healers. It is very simple. Essential oils are powerful & potent & should be respected. Less is always more when it comes to using essential oils & as a proponent of aromatherapy healing, promoting the safe & effective use of the oils always starts with me.

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