Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Healing Power of Hydrosols

By Christi

About a week ago I came home to find my dog Lexi’s left eye very watery & noticed a raised pink bump over the lid which I took to be a sty, just like we “humans” get from time to time. Her eye did not look to be infected, so I immediately put a hot compress on it. (I realize a sty is often a form of infection caused by a type of staph bacteria.) Instead of protesting she rolled over & completely submitted, which let me know she indeed was not feeling well or her eye was truly bothering her.

I knew I could not use essential oils around her eyes, so I ran to the fridge to see what hydrosols I had available at home. Of the tiny 1 oz selections on hand (Patchouli, Rose Geranium,Tea Tree), I reached for the Tea Tree hydrosol for its antibacterial properties. Instead of using an atomizer, I unscrewed the top, doused a cotton ball, & dabbed it on her eye. The Tea Tree hydrosol did not seem to phase her, so we repeated the hot compresses and hydrosol routine before bedtime & the next morning before I came to work.

Marge & I had a discussion about the situation, & decided to add Lavender & Helichrysum Hydrosols to the mix. (Lavender is antibacterial & a safe, gentle, all around choice, & we all know the anti-inflammatory effects of Helichrysum.) I did not blend the hydrosols but used them individually at intervals over about 7 days, dropping the Tea Tree after the first two or three days. (I was concerned it might be a bit “too harsh” for a dog’s eye area/mucous membrane.)

After 3 days there was a noticeable difference. In fact, there was a huge difference after the first day because her eye was no longer watery & the redness was diminished. By the third day the bump had gone way down & as of this morning it is so tiny & no longer raised, that you can barely see it. What a relief! I believe the compresses & hydrosols prevented the sty from worsening or spreading & kept us from a costly trip to the vet. I will keep watching her & use Lavender Hydrosol at night, but it seems like the crisis has been averted. Another reminder of the gentle healing power of hydrosols...

Note: This blog post is not meant as medical or veterinary advice. If you are concerned about the health of a pet, please seek assistance with a qualified vet or holistic vet.

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Liana C said...

Fantastic information! My wolf hybrid has been having allergies and runny eyes lately. I tried your suggestion, adding the Lavender & Heli hydrosols, and within 2 days, his eyes were bright and cheerful again. Thanks so much for your suggestions!