Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mouse in the House Update

by Christi

Some eight days & twelve eliminated mice later, I finally had a quiet night in my house last night. Of course I live in an old house on the National Historic Register, built in 1918, in one of the only communities of “kit” houses in the South, so it is a challenge to find & fill every little “nook & cranny” that a mouse might be able to use for entry. (Supposedly they can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime.) I also found their entry points UNDER the house with the help of a neighbor & have sealed those off, as well.

Now, the good news regarding the use of Peppermint Essential Oil…I put it on cotton balls & placed them throughout my kitchen cabinets when I initially encountered the problem (day one) & I am pleased to report that no mice got into my cabinets or around my pantry food stored there. Yes, my granola bars had a slight “pepperminty” taste yesterday, but it was well worth it. I know the mice were in my kitchen because one of their entry points I sealed was behind my refrigerator. I found droppings in other areas (yuck, lots of cleaning done!) but NONE in my cabinets, no chewing there, nothing. Although my cabinets close quite tightly, I know mice can find a way to squeeze in just about anywhere, so what a relief!

I used our Peppermint Midwest USA essential oil for the job, although I prefer our English Organic Peppermint for headaches & other purposes. You might note that I’ve read it is best to avoid using the oil around the traps because they might “hide” from traps & go into other areas. So don’t use the Peppermint around traps or areas where you suspect they are frequenting until you get the problem under control. Because I had no evidence of mice in my cabinets, I went ahead & used the Peppermint as a preventive measure, to kind of “stave-off,” the little critters from my all important food supply! You do need to refresh the cotton balls every 2 or 3 weeks. I believe I will use them throughout the cold winter months. If you really dislike Peppermint, you might try Spearmint Essential Oil. It also reportedly can help.

After my experiment, I can conclude it is true what you hear about Peppermint Essential Oil & mice…I don’t think they like it!

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