Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sending Support to Haiti-New Charity of the Quarter

from Marge, T, & Christi:

In light of the massive loss of life & devastation in Haiti from the tragic earthquake, we are immediately making our Charity of the Quarter, “Doctors Without Borders (USA),” which lost several facilities there, as well as personnel. The charity has a team of 70 enroute to Haiti right now & will be sending more relief workers & volunteers in the coming days.

Doctors Without Borders USA has a regular presence in the country, but will be stepping up efforts to provide emergency medical care for the children, women, & men affected by the powerful quake---care that could mean the difference in life or death for some. Additionally, the State Department is currently estimating some 40,000-45,000 US citizens were in Haiti when the earthquake occurred.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world & the poorest in our Western Hemisphere, yet less than 500 miles from the United States with very limited & outdated medical care & facilities. This relief effort will be a massive undertaking & our help is greatly needed, as well as our prayers.

Nature’s Gift traditionally donates two percent of gross sales each Wednesday to our “Charity of the Quarter,” & we also have a link available in our shopping cart at checkout for individual donations in any amount.

Thank you in advance for whatever you give, whether it is to the charity of your choice or through our site to “Doctors Without Borders (USA).”

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