Friday, April 16, 2010

Cool Cucumber Hydrosol-A Natural Delight

by Christi

My face feels so happy today! I treated it to Cucumber Hydrosol—battling a few dry patches with the changing seasons & red, itchy, allergy laden eyes.

The aroma is so lovely, like a freshly cut cucumber from the garden. Since it is all natural & certified organic, there is no fake/synthetic “melon” scent like those drugstore “cucumber” facial masks from the 1980’s. (remember those?) Icky…

I spot treated (dabbed) the dry areas with soaked cotton balls, as well as around my itchy eyes at 6:30 a.m. prior to putting on my foundation. I had no problems putting on my makeup a short time after using the hydrosol & nearly 8 hours later, my face still feels refreshed & comfortable as if I have had my own private spa treatment going on all day!

I’ve always used our Frankincense Hydrosol as a toner & for cooling down on hot summer days & it is an excellent choice, but now I’ve found another favorite in the Cucumber Hydrosol. It was new to us last summer & we quickly sold out. It is no wonder. Now that it is back in stock, I am so happy I’ve finally taken the time to try it. Cooling, toning, refreshing, soothing, natural...It is truly a delight!

Read more about our Cucumber Hydrosol here.

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