Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Mercury Retrograde to Remember (Forget?)

by Christi Pugh for Nature's Gift

We try not to get too excited over mercury retrograde around here, usually duly noting it, mentally preparing, & then having a laugh or a grumble depending on the circumstances which arise. I say “usually” because this mercury retrograde has been anything but usual. Normally speaking you expect a few mechanical and/or technical glitches, grit your teeth, and move on.

From our experience this go around (it ends on September 12th), interpersonal communication seems to be most impacted. We love our clients and are always happy to share information or point someone in the right direction, however, the calls we’ve gotten this past week have been nonsensical in the “Who’s on First,” routine, sense of the word. I suspect if it weren’t so frustrating we could/would find it comical.

I sent an email to Marge & T venting my frustration after what felt like the millionth crazy call:

“Dear God:

Please let this mercury retrograde come to an end. I am very tired of stupid questions.

As in, "how do I know your Helichrysum you say is from Corsica & certified organic on the website, really is? How do I know it is what you say it is & also that it is not old or something else?"

Lord, please, please, stop these communications snafus. If I've ever wanted a Mercury retrograde to end, this is the one. Thank you for your attention to this matter. That is all.


Then there was the local woman who wanted to start her own aromatherapy business & after emailing a lengthy probing note, also asked Marge out to lunch to “pick her brain.” Marge politely declined via email, shared some resources that would be helpful, & gave requested input to questions she had asked. Initially, the woman responded thanking Marge. Hours later she responded again, in a rage, basically calling Marge a “know it all & unfriendly.” I couldn’t help but think: how ironic that an individual who comes to someone asking for their expertise & advice, would turn around and call that same person a “know it all,” just because she doesn’t like the answers received from the inquiry. (or perhaps was just upset that Marge turned her down for lunch.)

You see what I mean. This mercury retrograde is just a bit crazy…and I am not even sharing the half of it. It almost makes one afraid to answer the telephone.

Okay, one more: this morning someone called saying we sent their order to the wrong address. I wanted to make it right & was mortified. Then they told me that they forgot to change it to their new address when they submitted the order…but it was our fault for shipping it to the old address, anyway. Huh? How could we know their new address if they never shared it with us?

Again, I reiterate my plea to the heavens. Let the retrograde be done & gone, at least until December 10th, when it makes its next unwelcome appearance. Then feel free to remind me again, “Who’s on first?”

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Tina Sams said...

Thanks for the chuckle (unfortunately at your expense...). This has been a challenging period. My sister and I were foolish enough to travel to the beach, and it was so difficult and bizarre that we actually turned around and came home the same day.
It will soon be over. Whew!