Monday, January 31, 2011

Aroma Dreaming

By Christi Pugh for Nature's Gift

A 2008 research study, “The Impact of Olfactory Stimulation on Dreams,” presented by German researchers at the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Foundation’s Annual meeting in Chicago outlined the influence (what you) smell during sleep has on (your) dreams.

I’ve always been a regular dreamer, dreaming in color, & remembering my dreams quite well. I even keep a journal by my bedside to write down any significant dreams in the night or first thing in the morning & frequently work the dreams for meaning. (I would recommend Jeremy Taylor’s dream work books & website.)

However, recently I’m experiencing a new phenomenon in my dreams: specifically smelling & recalling the smells the next morning. A few months ago I kept smelling a delicious aroma in my dreams & I would walk around asking everyone, “What is that smell?” No one would answer, some would shake their heads, but I did not get an answer. Finally one night the answer came & instead of from others, it came to me. I shouted out to everyone in my dream, “It’s Osmanthus!”

The next day I came to work & ran to the bin for a sample of Osmanthus which I don’t recall smelling ever, unless it was initially when we brought it in. I inhaled & suddenly had a huge smile on my face. The only way I know to explain Osmanthus is a sweet happy candy-like aroma that reminds you of something lovely you know you’ve experienced before but can’t quite place just where or when! It is a magical delight & no wonder perfumer’s rave about it so much!

Last week I began dreaming of Rosewood Essential Oil. It was the loveliest Rosewood I’d ever experienced. Rosewood has always been a favorite but over the last year I’ve not used it as much due to exploring so many other oils. I believe the dream serves as a reminder to bring back one of the oils that has always been an important part of my life. What I am beginning to take away from these dreams is that perhaps these are the oils I need on some level at the particular time I am dreaming of them. (Note: Nature’s Gift Rosewood is grown on a plantation that reforests.)

Only in recent years have scientists begun to research olfactory function during sleep & I find it fascinating. Of course, my situation was almost a reversal because I was dreaming of essential oils, not necessarily being influenced by anything during sleep. Or was I? Most nights I do use my aromastone to help with sleep & the oils I use vary but nearly always include Lavandin, Fragonia, Green Mandarine, & Blue Tansy. I find the Fragonia & Green Mandarine to be very happy oils, both relaxing & uplifting at the same time.

Do you recall any pleasant or unpleasant smells from your dreams?

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