Monday, July 11, 2011

Creating a Multi-Use Personal Shower Gel

By Christi Pugh for Nature’s Gift

I love finding new uses for our products! Recently, I made a germ killing hand soap for my bathroom using our Benchmark Thyme, Tea Tree, and Lavender Mailette. Marge suggested I try our unscented shower gel as a base rather than liquid castile this time to see how it would work as a hand soap. It lathers up much more than the castile soap and I’ve been happy with the results.

Now don’t ask me why, but I reached over from the tub one day and used it for shaving my legs. It was a great spur of the moment decision because two days later my legs still felt soft and smooth. Who knew?

If you were using it specifically for shaving, maybe some of the softening oils like one of the Chamomiles might be better suited. I was just using what I had made up. But I do like the idea of an antibacterial in it either way (like Tea Tree) in case of an accidental cut or something.

All you need is 4 oz of unscented shower gel, a blue cobalt massage bottle with treatment pump, and essential oils of your choice. Shake it gently before using to distribute the oils evenly throughout. A 3-5% dilution should be skin safe.

You could use any essential oils you like to make a scented shower gel from our unscented base. It is truly subjective.

Oh, and Marge reminded me that a client uses our Rose Shower Gel in the tub, pouring a little under the faucet while she is filling it and raves about how wonderful it is!

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Katie said...

I LOVE the rose shower gel and reserve it exclusively for shaving! It is especially helpful when I'm in a rush and don't really have time to moisturize afterward. With that gel, there is hardly any need! I'm sure you can doctor up the unscented gel with any blend you like and have your own magical bath!