Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Accidents: Cade Essential Oil For Dry Skin

by Christi Pugh for Nature's Gift

I love happy accidents of the “you got peanut butter in my chocolate,” variety! Recently we were contacted by a client who was having trouble getting Cade Oil to dissolve in Jojoba Oil. Initially, we thought she had purchased our Cade Oil, but found out it was from another source, dark & thick, & much harder to work with without warming. (Ours is light yellow-clearish, & thinner, Juniperus oxycedrus, Certified Organic, Hydrodistilled from branches and twigs, France.)

What came out of this before knowing that though, is my experimentation with our Cade Oil in three different carriers: Avocado, Fractionated Coconut, & Jojoba, individually. We did learn that Cade does not readily dissolve or blend with these fixed oils. It dissolved best in the Avocado overall but not completely. Initially you see the separation of the oils. However, after a few days, the two seem to “come together,” for lack of a better term. We think dissolving Cade in alcohol might be a better solution depending on what you are trying to achieve or shaking or rocking the mixture in the bottle before use.

The happy accident came when I combined the three test bottles & began using the mixture on a very stubborn dry flaky spot on my chin that would not get better, even with the big guns like Pomegranate Co2. I remembered Marge saying Rhiannon Harris mentioned the use of Cade Oil in aiding with the management of Psoriasis at a recent conference. As Marge mentions on the website, "She stated that it has been shown to reduce the proliferation of keratinocytes...the overgrowth of which is one of the causes of psoriasis. Recent investigations show that the distilled oil inhibits ceratinocyte proliferation and is also anti-inflammatory." (I don’t have Psoriasis, just a stubborn dry patch, & I realize how complex & frustrating the condition can be for those who suffer from it.)

(For a total of 1 oz, I used about 9 drops of the essential oil which is roughly between 1-2% dilution.)

After just one night I saw amazing results & after a few days, the spot had completely cleared up. I applied the oil at night before going to bed. Now Cade is not the most pleasant smelling oil in my experience, but it is bearable! In the past I’ve used Pom Co2, Cranberry, or Raspberry Seed Oil for these types of dry patches but none seemed to be helpful this time around.

I wouldn’t use Cade continually or over a long period of time, but for particularly stubborn dry patches, it appears to be quite helpful.

Cade Essential Oil is available on our website in limited quantities.


Aneah said...

Does your cade oil not contain the dangerous carcinogens, or a lesser amount of them?

marge Clark (marge@naturesgift.com) said...

Aneah, as we say on the website, it is the 'destructively distilled' Cade oil...tarlike and thick...that contains the carcinogens. That is why we have never offered it. The steam distilled oil is safer.

Aneah said...

Thanks so much Marge. This sounds like the thing I may have been looking for to help my hubby's scalp. I'll get some on my next order and let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

Diane said...

Wow - talk about serendipity. Just a while ago I got a big rash on my leg - I have no idea where it came from, or what I did, but general emollients and palma rosa and lavender haven't made a dent in it. I have had to give up water aerobics since it is so angry and red. I ordered a bottle of cade and am using it at @ 4% (thanks for the heads-up about not immediately dissolving in the carrier - I'm using coconut). The rash is definitly on the run and may well save me from a visit to the dr. Thank you!

marge Clark said...

Diane...could I please quote you in our newsletter or ... somewhere? this is the kind of feedback people need to see!

Diane said...

absolutely - and I'll also let you know how long it takes/took to get the maximum good from the blend (I also put a few drops of carrot seed in it); the rash is not gone yet. But I am very impressed right now.

Diane said...

So, it no longer itches, though the redness is not totally gone. All told, I applied the cade and carrot seed - and mixed in some heli - for another two weeks, 3 to 4 times per day. Progress of the healing leveled out, at the end not so dramatic as at the first, but still, it was the only thing that worked. I'm happy!

Marge said...

Glad it helped...wish it had totally disappeared...but we'll take improvement! thank you for sharing...and, yes, this may well make our next newsletter.

Anonymous said...

I have just purchased the excema/psoriasis sampler plus the cade oil, is there anywhere I can find advice on percentages for mixing up a blend? Thanks
Trace Willans