Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Treating Dog Dermatitis with Coconut Oil

by Christi Pugh
for Nature's Gift

I wrote about my dog Lexi’s dermatitis problems awhile back & many of you contacted me with further suggestions.  Although using the Cade Oil diluted DID help the irritated & dry skin patches, I knew she needed an “inside/out” solution so I changed her food to a completely raw diet.  (I use the organic hormone & antibiotic free freeze dried chicken from a smaller artisan dog food company.)  I also began giving her our Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Cream Oil several times per day.  The recommendation for a dog her size (under 20 pounds) is about a teaspoon but for the initial period, I gave her more.  

The results are impressive.  This combination is the only one that has offered great improvement over several weeks with no new outbreaks & much healing to the existing irritation.  She is much happier & more like her old self. 

After her abscessed tooth, infection, & oral surgery, I believe her immune system was lowered, so any little thing has attacked her system.  She’s always had some allergies but the weakened immune system let them play havoc with her skin! 

Both of my dogs love to lick the coconut oil & think of it as a treat.  Their coats are also shinier & overall skin is softer than ever before and we used Salmon Oil internally with them for years without these type results.  Amazing! 

I keep telling her, “No Mas!,” as in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie. “No more!”  

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is available in two jar sizes: 4 or 16 oz.   For more about this and other aromatherapy products, see our website: 


Ann said...

Marge do you think that wuld work for my kitty? She has terrible allergies and dermititis in the summer and scratches herself until she bleeds.

Marge said...

Ann, I don't know if it would help, but a tiny amount (the way Christi mentioned shouldn't do any HARM...and could well help. And I think she'd like it...unlike being sprayed with a hydrosol!!!

Diane said...

I use coconut oil to make my doggie allow me to brush his back teeth - put a little on the brush along with the toothpaste, and give him a good lick of the straight stuff when it's done.

dandelionpicker said...


I am interested in giving my dogs coconut oil. I take it daily :) My dogs are vegetarian too, and I think it would be a good, healthy fat to add to their meals. How did you give this to your dog? Just mixed in her food? I know that coconut oil can cause a laxative effect in humans, did you notice any problems with your dog?

Christi said...

Actually, my dogs are not vegetarian. They are eating a raw diet of organic chicken freeze dried, hormone & antibiotic free. It does have some fresh fruits & veggies in it. I don't think I would go completely veggie with them. Regarding the coconut oil, use the pure, fresh, organic, extra virgin oil only (no additives) like we offer. Only one teaspoon per day is the recommendation for dogs under around 40 pounds. I haven't seen any problem with loose stools for my dogs since they've been taking the oil. They like to lick the oil off my hand or eat it on the freeze dried food. Hope that helps.

dandelionpicker said...

Hi Christi,

I meant veggie too (like me) lol sorry for the confusion. They're on a veggie diet because of skin issues and very finicky stomachs. Thanks for the info. I think I will start them off on a tsp and see how they do with a gradual increase (they're large dogs).

Elizabeth said...

Lexi is adorable. Give her scratches from me.