Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Gmail: Leave my inbox alone! (An easy fix to new tabs)

By Christi Pugh

Gmail user?  Have you encountered an unwanted change to your inbox?  Logging in this week mine showed three tabs for my inbox: Primary/Social/Promotions.  It was truly crazy-making! 

Basically, it means Google is deciding for you what you receive & marking some emails you’ve signed up to receive, as SPAM.  Grrrr….

Now that I’ve vented, how ‘bout a solution?

--Log in to your Gmail email account
--Find the + sign on the far corner/usually right corner of the dubious new “promotion” tab
--Uncheck all boxes EXCEPT for “primary” (under check tabs to enable)
--Click SAVE
--Viola! Your inbox is back to normal

You will now (fingers crossed) receive the email you have requested! 

1 comment:

Diane Shaver said...

Thanks for sharing this! I found it too confusing as well, and I'm happy to now have my gmail inbox back to "normal"!!!