Thursday, February 28, 2008

Allergy Laden? Try Blue Tansy!

As a constant allergy sufferer, I’d been constantly attached to the little pink pill known as Benadryl, for histamine reactions to pollen, dander, dust, soy, wheat, or any little allergen that might attack.
Enter Blue Tansy Essential Oil at the suggestion of Marge Clark & Dr. Jane Buckle. For the worst attacks I’ve been known to put a dab in a spoonful of honey or sugar & swallow; but my favorite solution (& likely safer) is the small plastic inhaler I’ve filled with the essential oil & jojoba. Since Blue Tansy is rather thick & ink like, it can & will stain clothing & the skin. (not a pretty sight!) Not so with the inhaler. It travels easily in my pocket or purse & when I feel a wheezing/histamine reaction coming on these days I reach for my Blue Tansy inhaler.
Relatively easy to put together, all you need is one of our plastic inhaler blanks, & a few drops of blue tansy & jojoba.* (See instructions below.) I use mine for months at a time.
A longtime client, Kerry Miles, had this to say about Blue Tansy in a past newsletter:
“Hi Marge
I just had to let you know how incredible your blue tansy is!
My husband had an allergic reaction to something unknown yesterday. He broke out in red welts around his neck and it quickly started to spread up onto his face. It was very painful and itchy and rather scary. All I could think of to do in an emergency was to put a drop of your blue tansy on a tissue and tell him to inhale. Well what a shock! The allergic reaction stopped almost immediately and within half of an hour there was no sign that anything had ever happened. I knew blue tansy was good for allergies but that surpassed all expectations!
Kind regards
Kerry Miles”
*(Nature’s Gift instructions for using a blend or oil in an inhaler:
We recommend using 80% essential oil and 20% Frac. Coconut or Jojoba (to prevent rapid evaporation.) For a single blank, use approximately 15 to 20 drops total. Soak cotton inserts in blend to saturate. Screw inside liner and outside case tightly together. Place cotton insert inside plastic liner. Put tiny closure inside (small end down) and press tightly. Your new inhaler is ready to use.)


Anonymous said...

can you be an aromatherapist if you have allergies? My allergies were actually the reason I got into aromatherapy and I love it. My allergies won't effect my being an aromatherapist will it???

Marge said...

That probably depends on what kind of allergies you have. If you are, for example, allergic to most flowers, the way my friend Christa Maria is, then you would not be able to work with any of the floral oils...not with lavender, or rose otto or... etc.

First you would have to know what triggers your allergies. If it's being in the woods, then you would want to avoid the conifer oils - no fir, or spruce or pine. If your allergies are mostly food allergies, the oils probably wouldn't harm you, or make them worse.

One thing to be very cautious of, if you already have allergies, is the risk of sensitization. If you are allergy prone, then my experience is that you would be more apt to become sensitized to the oils. In which case avoiding all of the known sensitizers, avoiding any use on broken skin, using weak, rather than strong dilutions only makes sense!