Monday, October 5, 2009

Diffusing Blue Tansy for Chronic & Seasonal Allergies

By Christi

Last week was allergen hell for me getting worse & worse by the end of the week & totally full blown misery. None of my normal over the counter remedies were making any difference & then I realized on Thursday that I had been out of Blue Tansy, which is a staple for me in staving off histamine reactions. Friday night I took home our office aromastone, along with a 5 ml bottle of Blue Tansy Essential Oil, & immediately set it in my bedroom. As it warmed, my entire upstairs filled with lovely Blue Tansy. Since I was feeling so badly, the dogs & I got into bed, & were asleep in no time! I took a few breaks from plugging it in throughout the weekend because diffusing Blue Tansy tends to make one nod off to sleep...but using it while sleeping made a huge difference. It took away wheezing & much discomfort within 36-48 hours. Today (Monday) I've taken NO medication & my chest & nose & throat & eyes all feel relatively normal & allergy free. I don't normally diffuse Blue Tansy, but use it in an inhaler or on a tissue. However, after my experience this weekend, I am truly amazed at how well it works in the aromastone diffused throughout my bedroom. Remember, when diffusing, it can be quite relaxing, so you might go easy on it if you are trying to study or get ready to go to work or anywhere you need to be alert. I am convinced it is more healing & gentle than any of the OTC medicines that were not really working plus making me feel crazy. Blue Tansy relaxes and calms. It is definitely worth a try if you suffer from chronic allergies or even seasonal ones. For more about Blue Tansy, see


Karla H said...

Blue Tansy diffused on a small terracotta stone on my desk at works helps immensely with my alergies, am "mostly" able to not use Claratin, etc. Plus it helps take the edge off the stress of work. LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me if diffusing Blue Tansy is safe around a 6 year old?