Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Which Essential Oil Are You Most Thankful For?

By Christi
With all of the recent Facebook posts from friends sharing what they are grateful for; it started me thinking about which essential oils I am particularly thankful for in my life. Of course, I love aromatherapy & most all essential oils, but the one I truly could not live without is Patchouli. It is a staple I’ve worn every day for around 20 years. I never tire of it & find it centers & grounds me in a way that without it, I somehow feel incomplete or not quite put together!

A close second is Sandalwood, although I’ve had to learn to ration it, due to its “precious oil” status. Most recently, the Pinion Pine Essential Oil which Marge shared from her trip to the SouthWest, made a huge impression on me & I believe it is an oil I could live with for the rest of my life.

There is something magical about finding an oil that truly resonates with your spirit & essence. Robbi Zeck captures this general idea in her book, “The Blossoming Heart.” Which oil or oils resonate most with you?


Eva Elisabeth said...

A good Vanilla makes me smile every time :-)

Andy said...

I have two essential oils that are precious and are part of my personality.

Like yourself, Sandalwood is an oil I cherish and have great appreciation for. Its properties give me a sense of life. As you said, this is an oil to use sparingly and give great value and worth as a treasured possession.

My second most thankful essential oil is Vetiver. The changes in deep tone, texture, and vast differences coming from distillations and harvests far apart never cease to make myself curious about itself.