Monday, October 4, 2010

Creating a New Blend for Sleep & Relaxation

By Christi R. Pugh
for Nature's Gift

One of the most frequent inquiries we receive concerns using essential oils for insomnia & of course we always first recommend our Sleep Ease Synergy comprised of Lavandin Super, Roman Chamomile, Green Mandarine, & Sweet Marjoram. This blend proves effective for many clients & we continue to receive lots of positive feedback.

Marge often mentions "taking a break" from certain oils so they don't lose their effectiveness & that includes synergistic blends such as Sleep Ease. A friend who has chronic sleep problems used it with success but the sleep issues began recurring after a period of time, so I decided to work on another sleep blend as a case study for the certificate course I am taking at the Integrative Institute of Aromatherapy founded & led by Laraine Kyle & Valerie Cooksley.

Having heard about the relaxation benefits of Fragonia™ essential oil, I began thinking about formulating an anti-anxiety, sleep, and/or relaxation blend featuring it. The oils I selected for the blend all have calming & sedating properties: Lavender Mailette (angustifolia), Green Mandarine (citrus reticulata), & aforementioned Fragonia™. The aroma is quite lovely & soothing to this nose, with the Lavender & Fragonia fluttering underneath the surface of the Green Mandarine.

After distributing small 2 ml bottles of the blend to my friend for the study as well as coworkers, friends, & family; I began getting feedback about the sleep benefits & without fail the blend enhanced the ability to fall & stay asleep. I can personally attest to it as well. It was diffused in a variety of ways, but mainly as a few drops in an aromastone near the bedside, or a few drops on a tissue placed inside the pillowcase.

We've been calling it, "RELAX."

For a 5 ml blend you will need:
-1 5 ml glass cobalt bottle
-Disposable pipettes for blending
-50% Green Mandarine (150 drops or 2 ml)
-25% Fragonia™ (75 drops or 1 ml)
-25% Lavender Mailette (75 drops or 1 ml)
Optional: Small 2 ml amber bottles to share with friends.

We don't recommend driving a car or operating machinery when using this blend, as it so relaxing. If you are searching for something to alternate with Sleep Ease or interested in trying a blend featuring Fragonia™Essential Oil, this would be a great option.

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Marge said...

If folks want to make the full amount (measured by drops) rather than the 4 mls they will need a 15 ml bottle.

And I do recommend using the larger *works* wonderfully!