Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pretty Products!

I did NOT realize that we had not posted a single blog article during the whole month of August, and we are well into September.

Earlier in August I was using some of our "scar blend" - Corsican Helichrysum diluted in Rose Hip Seed oil - on a tiny bruise.  I was having trouble getting the thick carrier oil out of the orifice reducer on the bottle and the lightbulb went off.   "This should be a roll on"

I posted about it on Facebook and was deluged with suggestions for other products that belong in roll on applicators.   While Beverly was packaging them, she took this picture, which just delighted me.  Almost always our products are packaged in cobalt, and the range of colors was hidden. The frosted glass roller ball bottles allow the rainbow to shine through.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Inhalation vs topical use vs Ingestion

An infographic that we posted on Facebook recently that has been shared a LOT. I am putting it here so that I can refer to it and link to in when folks ask me about recommendations to apply undiluted oils to the feet, or other portions of their anatomy. 

Inhalation is the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT method to get the components of the essential oils we use into your blood stream. 

and, regarding ingestion: 

The above graphic was created and copyrighted by a knowledgeable friend.  It makes perfect sense to me! WHY would you consider drinking something that is a major component of  drain cleaner, that can strip the finish off your dining room table, or melt a plastic bottle?