Thursday, July 14, 2016

Leaving on a Jet Plane - JET LAG

On last Monday's Monday's with Marge Sophia Rose asked about Jet Lag and air travel:
 Hello Marge, What do you recommend for air travel and jet lag from Nature's Gift Aromatherapy treasures?
Nature's Gift Aromatherapy
Nature's Gift Aromatherapy Okay... there are  two effects of jet lag. Because your body's clock is out of sync with your surroundings, you want to sleep when you need to be up and going, and are wide awake at bed time. So we look at the two situations differently.

For stimulation, 
for staying awake until it is time to sleep... my first choice is Pink Grapefruit oil, the most energizing oil I know of. Other choices might be Rosemary Cineole, or our Focus blend, for mental focus. 

And for sedation... to help you sleep when your body says "it's morning!" you might look at your favorite lavender, at spikenard or valerian if you are drawn to them, or to our SleepEase or Relax synergies. 

My experience, if at all possible, try to allow your body time to ease into the new time zone. perhaps compromise with it a bit. Go to bed right after dinner the first evening or two, etc.
ALSO.. I would want to carry a FluFoil inhaler, and a one oz bottle of KleenHandz Gel in my purse,
Make a variety of color coded inhalers 

for fairly obvious reasons. Some folks suggest carrying a one oz spritzer of Neroli or another hydrosol for hydrating your skin, etc. but that can impinge on the freedom of others NOT to breath your lovely hydrosol. So I'm less sure of that. (unless you have true panic attacks when flying.. then you NEED neroli hydrosol.. and Reunite' . but thats a different issue.)
At the airport and inflight the issues tend to be protecting yourself from germ-laden surroundings (and dry airline air!) and keeping hydrated.  During extra long flights we recommend wearing compression hose, and, if at all possible, getting up and moving around in the aisle. (Love aisle seats. if you have a window seat and move around a lot you will not endear yourself to your seatmates.   If your tranocean flight will have you arriving in the evening, STAY AWAKE on your flight. Pack a thriller to keep you turning pages.   If you are arriving in the morning, do everything possible to sleep through your flght. (See the sedatives, above.)  Inhalers or rollerballs will work....If you have chosen Valerian or Spikenard, perhaps an inhaler would be more neighbor-friendly.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Photosensitizers - Which Citrus Oils are Skin Safe?

On a recent Mondays With Marge, Grant asked, "On your site you list your Sweet Orange as possibly causing photosensitivity. My understanding is that Sweet Orange that is cold pressed is not photo toxic. Just curious if this is a typo on the website or if I am incorrect about this.
Oh and why is that some cold pressed essential oils are photo toxic and some others aren't? I.E. Sweet Orange is cold pressed but isn't photosensitizing but cold pressed lemon and lime are.

Nature's Gift Aromatherapy It was a typo...and is now fixed. (THANKYOU!) OLD information and never time to go thru and correct.. Thank you for the reminder. Yes, both Sweet Orange and Blood Orange are "sunsafe" but Bitter Orange is not... go figger!

SUNSAFE citrus oils:

Bergamot FCF
Lemon LEAF oil
Sweet Orange (to include Blood Orange)
Tangelo and/or Satsuma and/or Tangerine

Photosensitizers.. I need to blog this so we can book mark it..

1. NOT all photosentizers are citrus... Angelica Root EO, Cumin EO and Rue oil are known photosentizers. Fig Leaf Absolute is another one to avoid. (skin safe level? NONE)

2. Known to be phototoxic ctrus family: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Expressed Lemon and Lime, Mandarine LEAF (but not the rind!) Bitter orange oil, expressed.

Others that Tisserand lists as *possibly* phototoxic:

Clementine oil, Expressed Combava (Kaffir Lime), Skimmia, Angelica Root Absolute  AND CO2, Celery Leaf Oil and Absolute, Cumin Seed Absolute. and CO2, Khella (Ammi visnaga), Lovage Leaf and Parsnip oils.

The above information all comes from Essential Oil Safety, 2nd Edition. (But I bet you already knew that.) now.. as to WHY? It's chemistry... that C word again. The photosensitizers contain *either* Furanocoumarins or specific Lactones which have various degrees of phtotoxicity, and may be phtotcarcinogenic. one of the strongest is Bergapten found in.. guess what Essential Oil? Hence the term FCF Furanocoumarin Free as applied to Bergamot. In most (but not all) cases the furanocoumarins do NOT come across during distillation..which is why distilled Lime is safe, while cold pressed lime puts you dreadfully at risk. does this help?