Tuesday, October 21, 2014


One day last week, out of the blue, a shopping cart showed an order from a Hospice in another state for 125 bottles of Lavender Silk Lotion.   OOOOOOOPS. 

And the ladies of Nature's Gift went to work.

Christi printed several pages of of labels.  Michelle carefully attached the full labels, with ingredient list, etc. to the small bags that would be the final packaging. 

Beverly mixed a gallon batch of the lotion and counted out enough one ounce Malibu jars and tops. (Momentary panic, we thought we were out of tops!)

And then started pouring the prepared lotion and capping the jars.  (We have a tray that holds sample vials upright for filling. We've never had to do malibus in large quantity before and need to find a way to stand them upright for filling.)

Part of the finished product  ready to ship.  A good day's work for all of us. Knowing that one of our creations is being used to calm the agitation that can come with Alzheimer's is a gift.

When I think of how many lives we get to touch, I"m in awe. What a gift, to do what we do!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Continue Shopping"

We're asking for input, please.

On our OLD website, once you added something to the shopping cart and clicked on the "Continue Shopping" button, it took you back to the main page of the website. Very unintuitive and inconvenient.  

On the NEW site, if I am shopping for Spikenard, for example, and bring it up either from the drop down aromatherapy products menu or from the search box, I am here:

 Clicking Add to Cart obviously enough puts that item in the selected size into the shopping cart:

NOW...  because I am not finished shopping, I click "continue shopping"...

As currently designed, the continue shopping button takes you back to the product you just ordered, in this case, to Spikenard.  And you can view the "cookie crumb" trail above to go to the alphabetical section you were on (S-T), to the whole Essential Oils Category, to the overall Products section if you want to buy some bottles, or a carrier oil, or back to the main HOME page to explore other options.


Some users have complained that going back and forth requires too many mouse clicks.  We are wondering if you would prefer to have the "Continue Shopping" button take you to the alphabetical section the last item was found in??? (in this case,  S-T, for the Spikenard.)

Would that be more efficient, more intuitive, or would it be confusing?

If you came here because of our query on our Facebook page you may reply there, or here, but please let us know whether you would prefer to have "continue shopping" take you back to the last PRODUCT  or to the last "SubCategory"

Thank you for your input~