Thursday, April 17, 2008


We have been blessed with so many amazing plants on this earth. Tastes and scents soothe our mind, feed our body, and produce our oxygen to breathe. Essential oils can not exist without the amazing species from which they are distilled. So many are already extinct. With all of the technology of our time, it seems as if we could do something about this. Unfortunately, technology cannot save these plants; only we can.
If every person could just plant one rare species, think of the impact it could have. If everyone could plant one tree, think of how much better our air could be.
The earth seems so huge. What can one person do to make a difference? What does one little plastic grocery bag matter? 1,000 years is the number I've read. One little plastic bag could hang around that long. If we could all just recycle or not use that one bag, think of the thousands.....millions.......billions fewer bags. Less Pollution, better aromatherapy.
EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. It adds up so quick. Please, don't forget to love the planet which keeps us alive. Thank you for trying.

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