Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prenatal exposure to phthalates linked to behavioural problems

At least once a week we receive inquiries about Reed Diffusers, which we do not offer.  We've never found a natural diluent for the essential oils that is effective in the Reed Diffusers.  Now, I've seen formulas calling for Jojoba or other carrier oils.. Dust magnets! I've seen formulas calling for alcohol. Almost overnight evaporation. 

Most commercial diffusers that I've seen use DEP as the diluent for the fragrance (sometimes essential oils, most often synthetic fragrances.  What is DEP? It is diethyl phthalate, approved for use in cosmetic products without any safety warnings.  Needless to say, no Nature's Gift product has ever contained phthalates, and never will. Just not something we chose to use.  But I was shocked to see the following article in a cosmetics journal I subscribe to.

"Higher levels of exposure to phthalates while pregnant could be linked to disruptive behaviour patterns in children, according to a recent US study."  Read more here.

With all the wonderful natural options to scent your surroundings, why would anyone chose to use a phthalate laden chemical?

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