Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Appalling advice!

I happened upon a forum apparently devoted to one of the newer MLM companies in our industry...the one who has trademarked the phrase "certified therapeutic grade" but never managed to explain certified by whom.

At any rate,  a parent wrote in describing her five year old child's pet allergies and the problems he has sleeping due to congestion.  She had tried "putting lavender, lemon and peppermint in a gelcap" but "he couldn't get it down".  Since he couldn't swallow it, she's contemplating having him drink it, with her fingers crossed.

Yes, crossing her fingers seems really appropriate.  Why she would administer those three oils internally for a respiratory allergy is puzzling to me. Administering them to a five year old borders on child abuse, in my humble opinion. She is VERY fortunate that her child is not one of my grandbabies.

Other members of the forum have suggested diffusing the oils, or applying them to the soles of his feet. 

Now, seems to me that a child with allergies would be a PRIME candidate for sensitization, so applying the oils, undiluted, would not be advisable.  Others on the forum are, thank goodness, discussing diffusing various blends. (One actually sounded effective for respiratory problems, the other sounds like a powerful germ killer and I'm not sure how it will help with a child's allergies.)

No one, of course, recommended the use of blue tansy oil... probably the most effective anti-allergen of all the essential oils, but I guess this MLM doesn't offer it. 


Brighid's Witch said...

Marge, this is the same company that touts "raindrop therapy." In my opinion, this company has become almost cult-like in its following, and innocent, unknowledgeable persons are being led astray. The practice you describe, like raindrop therapy, is dangerous, and it gives well-educated and safe aromatherapy practitioners a bad name. I truly wish aromatherapy would become a licensed healthcare profession in this country; this kind of practice would be eliminated, and rightly so.

Marge said...

It's a different MLM...newer...an 'ofshoot' of the one you are mentioning. But no real difference.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a super advocate of the company espousing "Raindrop Therapy." I will say, however, that provided ALL the oils used in the therapy are mixed with a good carrier oil, it is a wonderfully relaxing and calming therapy. It's just that the way it's done is using some powerfully "hot" oils neat, and that can literally "burn" some people. That's why I mix the oils with Jojoba or Almond oil, and then it becomes more massage-like. My clients love it! So I wouldn't say that Raindrop therapy is dangerous - just needs to be modified.

Otherwise, I totally agree about any company that would recommend taking oils internally. Diffusing or using compresses for children seems to be the best way.

Dr. Liana Carbon,
Certified Aromatherapist (Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy)

Anonymous said...
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Marge said...

Liana, using properly diluted oils, the therapy might well be marvelous. However the traditional raindrop therapy as taught by "that man" did not use diluted oils at all... originally he would say 'add some (his brand of) carrier oil on top, 'if necessary' or words to that effect. What you are describing is a very different thing altogether. Your method would be SAFE ;)

hicksgirl93 said...

I hate when companies falsely and uneducatedly promote essential oils ! good thing for companies like you.

Los Angeles Massage said...

relaxing and calming therapy. It's just that the way it's done is using some powerfully "hot" oils neat, and that can literally "burn" some people