Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where's Judy???

Around noon the office phone rings.  Caller ID shows "Out of Area".  Voice on the other end has a heavy accent, from a country that has received a LOT of outsourcing over the past few years.

"Is Marge Clark there?"   "This is Marge, how may I help you?"  "I am Mr. Smith with the FBI, is this Marge Clark at Nature's Gift Incorporated?"   "Mr. Smith who did you say you were with?" "The Federal Bureau of Investigation."  "I don't think so, click."      

To the best of my knowledge, the FBI hasn't started outsourcing.

Ring again.  "Out of Area".   Different voice, name accent.  "Is Mr. Marg Clark There?"  "There's no Mr. Clark here." Click.

Ring again.  Third voice, different accent. "This is Dr. Clayton from The New York City Hospital."   "Will you people PLEASE go away and stop harrassing me."  At which point he yelled at me, how DARE I doubt that he was who he said he was, and he needed to talk to Mr. Marg Clark about a very important matter.  Not only is there no "Mr. Marg Clark" here, but there's no "The New York City Hospital" there.  Click

I kept waiting for one of them to say "This is Judy" re the wonderfully funny AND true to life credit card commercial.

Outsourcing marketing calls is truly not a good idea.


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