Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sara's Sanctuary - and recipe

Most of you know my friend Sara Holmes, of Botanical Healing Arts and Sara's Sanctuary, at Lake Sara in Effingham IL. She has contributed to this blog, and to our newsletters.  This week she was interviewed by a local TV show twice, and I thought you might enjoy seeing it.  I've been longing to be able to spend a weekend retreat at Sara's Sanctuary. After watching the video, I'm looking for ways to get to Illinois! 

This first video is shot at the sanctuary and describes its surroundings and what you might experience on a weekend retreat.

In the second video, shot in the studio,  Sara shares a recipe for relaxing bath salts. One of the reasons she is such a great teacher is that she explains why each ingredient is important; why she chooses Epsom Salts instead of plain sea salt, for example.  Pay special attention to the small blue essential oil bottles and the Bail Jar in the video...our clients will recognize them.  I love seeing our products used!

What really delights me, though, is seeing someone who has contributed so much to the art of Aromatherapy, who has worked tirelessly to educate and to heal receiving some publicity.

If you are in South/Central Illinois, I'd suggest that you contact Sara at her website, above, and plan a relaxing weekend retreat!

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