Monday, February 27, 2012

Out of Season - Gifts - and Gratitude

Out of season - but delightful!
Every year, early in December, we receive an Amarylis plant from a wonderful client in a state east of us.  We watch it grow tall, and sometime during the last week of December we are graced by its stunning blooms.  After they fade we store it away in the dark, following directions, in hopes that it might bloom next year. Often, it does.

Our plants need a calendar this year.  Both our small Christmas Cactus, and the peppermint stick Amaryllis from Christmas past have chosen to bloom this week. Out of season delights!

Today we had yet another cause for gratitude.  Two weeks ago, when I blogged about our new Indonesian Sandalwood I mentioned not having any of our aged Mysore Sandalwood to compare it to.  My memory said it was close, but I couldn't compare it.

Some of our clients have been with Nature's Gift since the 90's, when we first went online. Some of them purchased our Mysore Sandalwood in the late 90's when we offered it. One of them, Susan, from Carbondale IL,  sent us a small vial of 1999 Mysore Sandalwood.  The postman delivered it this morning. What a glorious start to my week!

What a gift!!!  This oil is truly priceless.  I don't know how much Susan has,  but if she isn't using and enjoying it on a daily basis, it should be locked in a safe deposit box. It is that valuable. 

And what makes it an even better gift - we all agree that yes, our Indonesian Sandalwood is so very close aromatically to this aged treasure.  I'm glad that my memory served me so well.   But even gladder for the clients who reach out and "give back."

A friend talks about a speaker who, in the middle of her talk, looked around the room and said "isn't it grand to be us!"

Today I echo that unknown speaker. It is TRULY grand to be us!!!

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