Thursday, April 19, 2012

Early Roses

I have a huge, sprawling rambler rose on the side of my house that I seldom see.  Most Junes, it gives perhaps a half dozen blossoms. (It's in shade, not sun, and terribly neglected.) It has never bloomed before Memorial day.  Today I went around to that side of the house, and there it was, with far more roses on it than it's had the entire time I've lived here.

Last year a workman took down its trellis. Instead it has climbed and sprawled all over the hibiscus tree that grew outside it.    At you can see, it's grown almost roof high.   For the first time, I have roses enough to DO something.  I was thinking Pot Pourri,  but remembered last night's AIA teleconference.
Mindy Green gave a presentation on Aroma-Herbalism, using traditional herbal infusions, tinctures and other traditional herbal products with the essential oils we love.  (If you missed the presentation, you may order a CD from the AIA here.)

While talking about using herbs for depression she shared a timely recipe. She specifically mentioned Lilacs, blooming now for some of the listeners, but said that Roses, Calendula, Yarrow, violets, any edible flower would work.
Cold water infusion - Springtime Beverage:

Pick fresh UNSPRAYED Lilacs, yarrow, chamomile, rose, any edible flower that know has not been sprayed.  Fill a pitcher with the blooms, cover with cold water. Let stand over nightin the refrigerator. Drink and enjoy!   She suggests that this needs to be used within three days at the longest.
I think I may go back out to the garden, gather all the roses I can reach, and make myself some rose water to drink.  (or to boil into rose syrup...that's another thought...)

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