Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Atopic Dermatitis with Dogs?

Yes they have allergies too!...this, from Christi:

Treating atopic dermatitis in dogs can be daunting and there is no 100% cure-all whether one takes the allopathic or holistic route toward healing.  The mild winter has given us a luscious green Spring in the South and with it, increased pollens and allergens. 

My rat terrier-chi mix Lexi is nine years old and although she’s always had to battle allergies, this year has been the worst by far.  Her favorite exercise of rolling in the grass has given her little eczema like patches all over her belly & side.  (It took awhile to figure out what was going on because she had no fleas and her food had not changed.)  The irritation was causing her to scratch and make the lesions worse just as they would start to heal.  It was dry and itchy and red.  There was hair loss in those spots.

I talked to Marge about making a wash for her and she suggested it be as soothing as possible, rather than immediately treating with Lemon Teatree or something to go after the dermatitis.  So, I came up with a wash that worked quite well & can also be used on us “two-leggeds.” (Keeping in mind oils known for their healing and anti-inflammatory skincare benefits for eczema and psoriasis.) 

Here’s what you will need for a 2.5% dilution:

4 oz Organic Liquid Castile Soap
2 drops Organic Hydrolyzed Oats
12 drops Pomegranate CO2 Oil (Note: This is at a 10% dilution.)
2 ML  Seabuckthorn Berry Co2 Oil
½ ML Cade Essential Oil (Note: Steam Distilled)
½ ML Patchouli Sumatran Essential Oil

Blend the oils and the oats first,  then add the soap.  Gently stir it together.  Pour into 4 oz cobalt plastic bottle with a disc lid & gently rock to combine ingredients.  Shake before use. 

The soap was so soothing Lexi let me bathe her for an extended period of time and kissed me afterwards which she never does after a bath.  (She’s not a fan!) She was very happy and did not itch or scratch for the entire night.  Also, it left her coat very silky and soft. The next morning the patches were much less red and irritated and the flaky spots were gone as well.  A week later they are much smoother and more healed than before.  This bath treatment may be used once per week while trying to deal with the irritation.  It has provided her with much relief. 

I am using Lemon Tea Tree Hydrosol & a hydrosol blend of Lavender, Tea Tree, & Helichrysum on her skin, as well.  Bathing should be no more than once per week while trying to clear it up & less when her skin is back to normal.  Hopefully this will help her stop the cycle of itching, scratching, and healing, that has been going on for over a month.  Fingers crossed!

By Christi Pugh
For Nature’s Gift

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