Sunday, July 7, 2013

Monday Morning

Monday is going to be VERY busy at Nature's Gift because the Firework's sale has been really really well received. 

The pictured dessert is in the breakroom refrigerator at the office, along with a big box of croissants, several cheeses and some cold cuts.  If someone has some fresh tomatoes from their garden we will be in heaven.

This was originally posted on Beverly's Facebook page, and I had to try it. The recipe as given, with alternatives follows.

1. One "storebought" angel cake.  You could substitute pound cake, or any flavor of cake you have on hand (or feel like baking.)  I suspect the original message called for "leftover cake" but I think that's an oxymoron.  There's no such thing as "leftover cake"

2.  A box (either size) of your favorite pudding mix, made according to package directions.. Beverly used White Chocolate, and because I had never tried it, so did I.  Instant.  You could use vanilla, even chocolate.   I had some tapioca pudding in my refrigerator because I was craving it. I almost used that, but not everyone loves the texture of tapioca, so I didn't.  (Left over red berries are going to be mixed into the tapioca.)  Make the pudding in a bigger bowl than you will need.

3. Whipped cream or a package of premade whipped topping from your grocer's freezer.  You can use low fat (in fact you could buy a low fat Angel Cake and use skim milk in the pudding to really keep the fat grams low.  I didn't.  I used the plastic tub of whipped white stuff from the freezer. I really wish I had bought heavy cream and "done it right"... maybe next time.

4. What fresh berries you can find.  I used Red Raspberries, Blueberries, and mostly Strawberries.   If I were using chocolate cake or pudding I think I'd omit the blueberries.  Sliced bananas might be good with vanilla pudding.    

Blend the whipped topping into the pudding. (Now you know why I suggested a big bowl for the pudding.) It doesn't have to be perfectly blended. If you are using chocolate pudding some white streaks will add eye appeal.

Tear the cake into small bite sized pieces.  Put a layer in the bowl.  Cover with some of the pudding and cream.

Cover with a layer of fruit.

Repeat until you run out of ingredients.

I suspect you could serve this immediately, but waiting overnight lets the flavors mix and mingle, and the cake get soft (if you started with stale cake.)

I suspect if it needed a name the name would be Summer Trifle.   Or you can call it Beverly's Fruit Thing.  I don't think she'll mind.

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