Monday, September 30, 2013

What DO you call it?

We get wonderful emails.  And the rule is when I get the same question three times close together, I write a blog article to address it.

This week a client who prefers to be anonymous wrote the answer for me (and made me laugh!)  Thank you for sharing Ms Anonymous!!!

What do you call it when you are a woman?  It scarcely seems fair.  A man can have 'jock strap itch"...   do we have "brassiere itch"???

I am not slim and sylphlike.   I am "curvacious."  That's a wonderful word, isn't it?  And my bosom is bountiful.

This summer I developed what I thought was a heat rash under the girls. I used baby powder. I used corn starch.  It got worse.

All of my bras are synthetic materials. (It is hard to find cotton bras in the higher letter sizes.)  When I go braless they have to deal with skin against skin. When I wear a bra, they deal with polyester or vinyl or other non-absorbent fabrics.  More powder, more corn starch. 

And the rash got worse.

I remembered reading somewhere that Corn Starch feeds fungi, and not to use it. Back to commercial Baby Powder. (You know, that brand that smells like fresh clean baby?)  It didn't get worse, but it didn't get better and it ITCHED. This holding pattern was not acceptable.

Fungi!  What is anti-fungal?

Search engine on your website brought up a lot of essential oils that I didn't want to use

on (or under) the girls.  (Not when I had already irritated the rash by scratching it.) Search some more:   Hydrosols:  Your website says: Melissa. (I didn't have any and it would sting. At least I think it would.)  Monarda (you were out of stock.)  Pinon Pine Hydrosol.

BINGO!!! I had that in the house!

Let's try a spritz and see what happens.  Doesn't sting.  Soothes.  We'll concentrate on this for awhile.

Change and wash my bra every day, whether it needs it or not.  Spritz the underpart of the bra with the Pinon Pine Hydrosol while it is drying. (I couldn't bleach them and wanted to make sure they were not carrying the fungus.)  Spritz the hydrosol whenever I can.  Three or four times a day?

Whatever the rash was, within about two days it stopped itching, and was gone without a trace in a week.

Bra-strap itch???  Is that what we call it?

Thank you for the full descriptions of your products. Otherwise I would not have known what to try!"

And thank you for sharing!  When it's not a heat rash... this is something easy and effective to try!   "Bra strap itch" indeed.


GrannieEv said...

OMGolly-Gee-Gosh! All this time I've been itching, lotioning, powdering, rinsing, cussin'. I have had some relief from lavender hydrosol. To the store; to the store. Outta my way.

stellaglo said...

do you suppose pinon would be safe for...the quadrant?

stellaglo said...

do you suppose this would be safe for ...other ares?

Marge said...

(Speaking of what DO you call it ;) It soothed irritated skin...and is not an irritant... Given my choice btwn that and some of the other hydrosols... I would think it would be a better choice than, say, Melissa or Monarda. But I haven't tried it...

Anonymous said...

They call it "ringworm of the groin". um...I think I'd stick to yeast infection or female jock itch! :D