Thursday, June 11, 2015

Helichrysum and corporate greed

Helchrysum and greed

Many of you know that last year we received 1/3 of our requested allocation of rare Corsican Helichrysum.   We tried.  We were not able to get more. For this reason we were unable to offer this most healing of essential oils in bulk or in wholesale sizes.  We even removed our 15 ml standard size in an attempt to make this precious oil last until the next distillation.

In years past we have never applied our "standard" pricing formula to Corsican Helichrysum.   Instead, we lowered the price to cover our costs, of course, but to try to make it available to all who needed it.   No other source for Helichrysum italicuum offers both an acceptable level of Neryl acetate and the high level of italidiones, rare ketones found only in this oil, and, in our experience, the component that allows Corsican helichrysum to have the almost magical effect we have seen on surgical and burn scars.

We posted on our website "Only one per customer."  We limited availability to the two smallest sizes we offer. And we increased the price, not to make a profit, but to try to ensure that our supply would last through the year until this summer's harvest.

This year I received confirmation about my request.  If we are fortunate, we will receive the same limited amount we received last year. There is no possibility of more.  Why?  Because a luxury skincare company is featuring Corsican Helichrysum italicuum in a luxury anti-aging line of products. And they have bought the entire crop of Helichrysum being cultivated on the Island of Corsica through the year 2020.

Having a perfumer buy all the available Rose de Mai from Grasse saddened and frustrated me. I love Rose de Mai absolute.  But there are other roses to perform the magic that rose performs on a woman's spirit and skin.   There is nothing else with the italidione count of the Corsican heli.  And they don't even mention the Italidiones in their advertising.  They talk of the Neryl Acetate. LOTS of Heli  has high Neryl acetate.

I hope those who can spend well over a hundred dollars for a small vial of anti-aging skincare products enjoy their "youthful glow".  Those who bear physical and emotional scars that perhaps could be healed by Corsican helichrysum salute you.

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Linda Fitzpatrick said...

It is so very, very sad that big companies choose greed over needs. They probably don't even understand the chemical components well enough to make a better choice.