Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Real People with Real Struggles and Joys"

Sometimes I am reminded of why we are here... "boxes full of joy and healing."  This past week Christi and I had such a reminder:

Deanna and I have been emailing about some product questions, and, after her last order she sent the following message. And just reading it, thinking of all that this woman has on her plate bought all my busyness to a screeching halt.

"Wanted to give you a quick review ...I wanted to pass this on directly...I love love your peppermint !  Sometimes I have really bad foot/leg cramps and seriously within 30 seconds of peppermint with carrier...they stop.  Yours, for me, seems to work the best for this.  Also I made a spray out of the lavender mailette which some of my kids that have a hard time sleeping or worried about having bad dreams, will spray on their pillows.  My mother in law passed away suddenly last week and the kids (I have 8) and my mother (Alzheimer's) made a very fast trip to meet my husband (had to travel ahead of us for planning purpose ) ...about an 7 hr drive from N CA to OR ...let me say my kids are no problem and had a good time with was another story.  I mean no disrespect but my mom was so frazzled with her dementia that she tried to escape the hotel room five times during the day :(.  By night I was exhausted and she kept us up quite a bit waking almost every hour.  The second night I remembered I brought the spray with me and sprayed her pillow and her Jammie's.  She only woke up once ...whew !!! Once we arrived home she really couldn't remember that we even went on a trip.  I also had peppermint and lemon spray for the car for a pick me along with my coffee !! Your oils find their way into the lives of real people ..people that have struggles and joys.  I never take the approach that they are the end all but I do appreciate them in my daily life :) thanks again for your dedicated quality !!!"

an 8 hour drive... eight children,  mom with Alzheimer's...  yes.     and I thanked her for reminding me that our oils go out to "real people that have struggles and joys."     Christi and I had tears in our eyes when we read this message...  and tucked something that might help with her mother's agitation into her next order.

I wrote back: "Deanna... thank you!

your message touched me....   a reminder of 'why we are here'...   I sometimes do blog articles with the title 'why we are here"... reminders... as you say..that we ARE dealing with real people and their struggles and their joys.  Would love to be able to use your message...with or without your name....   but, of course, won't without your permission!
Am imagining that trip....  and do NOT see how you cope...   I sit here in my quiet office and quiet house and...  sometimes don't know where our oils may go...
I have an idea that might prove helpful sometimes with your mother... we are tucking some red mandarine into your order... it's a gift (because you just gave me a gift!)... might help with 'sundowning' and agitation.  again...thank you."

"Marge that is so sweet and I'm tearing up seriously at your thoughtfulness.  Yes you may use anything I just shared and my name too no problem !! I will make a spray for my mom as she loves the scents of many of the oils and doesn't mind me spraying them for her.  I couldn't make this life journey with her without my hubby and kids ...they are part of the whole team.  I'm no super woman or better than anyone else who has struggles ..just remembering a new day brings mercies and grace ...and scents ;)   

and later, when the latest order arrived: Thank you so much for such quick shipping and that thoughtful gift ..I made a quick spray and spritzed it on my mom  before we headed out the door to go to a movie.  She loved the scent and it just brings a smile on her which is really hard to do with the stage she is in. Blessings and love to you and your staff for the job you do and care you take !!! And she sent me a photo of her whole family... "the whole team"...   "Thought I would send a pic of that trip with my kids and hubby was already in OR. I couldn't do Alzheimer's without any of these amazing kids !!! My mom is on the end next to my oldest daughter. "    And she sent this photo of the mid-trip picnic.  

Real people, with real struggles and joys...and we get to be a part of it, and to make a difference.

Thank you, Deena, for reminding me why we do what we do.  to quote my daughter,  almost 20 years ago..."every day, all over the world, she sends out boxes full of joy and healing." 


Gail Storment said...

What a beautiful story about a family with an emergency and how well it was handled! I send prayers for comfort to the family for their loss, prayers for the caregivers and prayers for a Mom/grandmother who is battling Alzheimer's.

I am thankful for a business who puts people first. Nature's Gift is a loving and giving company run by an angel in disguise, Marge Clark, and her fabulous staff.

Blessings to all of you!

stampertina said...

That is just beautiful- from both sides. Thank you for sharing.

My father had Alzheimer's and passed away in June. He didn't live with me, so I couldn't control his world anywhere nearly as tightly as I'd have liked to. I wish I could have added essential oils to his daily life, as I believe they would have helped him.

My mom is still with us (but she doesn't live with us, either) and I am working on ways to use them to help her with various issues. Thank you for wonderful products and your humanity.