Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Aromatic Medicine Part 2

Mark, teaching about Thyme chemotypes. Sandy (our scribe) in the front row against the window.
The weekend from  March 17th through March 20th we spent at the second half of Mark Webb's Aromatic Medicine course, I believe the most cutting edge aromatherapy course being taught in the US today.  Sandy had some time to do some writing in the evening, I was too busy trying to keep on top of the hundreds of emails that had arrived while we were in class.

Day One 1 - the Aromatic Toolkit  The oils, the functional groups they fit into, and their uses.
Beginning Day #2- Mark ran us through our paces yesterday over the aromatic tool kit. Though it sounds overwhelming, most will find that they do have these essentials in their own collection, and by combining sniff strips, it was so easy to imagine good combinations. Well, until I was scolded for having the test strips out and overloading the room in scents. Lol. But it seriously is a good way to sort out which goes well together. Siberian fir and Rhu Khus are delightful. Basil and Sweet. Marjoram together, wonderful. See the Nature's Gift Facebook page for more ideas. As the scents passed around, the energy of the room ebbed and flowed. Mark several times had to remind us to focus..a few times exasperatedly saying, "no, on ME. FOCUS ON ME!" . I know there are many like me who are thinking "way too advanced for me," but I encourage anyone who wants to understand eos better to attend this course when he returns next year. His teaching style is such that you will get it. - and Roz was kind enough to remove the whiteboard erasers, so he has nothing to throw at you as my high school algebra teacher did! 
 - - - - -
Beginning Day #4 - Building a dinosaur. Remember all those times people have said "you don't need to know the chemistry,"? I suppose that's still true,if you only want to buy blends or rely on others to tell you this for that and trust them to tell you right. But what if you wake up in the middle of the night with a head cold and realize you've run out of "this"? The chemistry talks to us, tells us equivalents that we can use instead. Building a dinosaur has been in my head all week, as the molecules form the structure of the skeletal framework of our goals. Again, I don't have a degree in hyeroglyphics but am beginning to recognize that OH hanging on a thread is oxygen.

We took a break from aromas yesterday as many of us had aroma hangovers. But it was amusing to watch 40 people roll from giddiness to subdued and back again.

It has been great to have a reprieve from the doldrums of winter and see green, flowers in bloom and hear birds loudly go about their business. Georgians have mastered offensive/defensive driving, as they drive fast but their lights are slow. Writing that reminds me of an old tv show, where the alien reports back on the oddities he sees in earth! Lol. I even woke in the night to hear what seemed to be the apparent filming of an adult- movie. -perhaps I should have banged on the wall and told them there's an oil for that?!

So today is our last day of Aromatic medicine. I shocked myself when Marge asked a question and I answered her. I even stopped and pondered "who said that?!" Surely not me, who feels like a toddler amongst many of those I am in class with. By the end of the day, it's true, my brain is numb and I worry that I'll retain nothing. But then I remember that it's a familiar feeling, and once home and rested, I'll begin the homework and hear Mark's voice explaining it. He hasn't mentioned rocket science once this time, but I think he's a bit numb by the end of the day as well. Lol. I'm afraid Marge has been saddled with an old fuddy duddy this trip, as there have been get togethers and fun after class hours, but by then, her driver merely wants to veg out and sleep.(And so did the passenger!)

Time to get moving - I should be receiving the "is the coffee ready?" Text at any moment from my lovely mentor. Stop telling yourselves you can't learn this. I never in a million years thought I could, and I haven't -yet. But I have the information. True learning and KNOWING will come from repetition until I am able to DO without checking my notes. But it will come, because I now have the information to do so. So make your plans to be here next fall.

- - - -
End of Day #4- We had the opportunity to see the oils at work today. Where as my constant sneezing is due only to the layer of green film covering my vehicle, some truly came down with a virus and had to take a break from class. But once the oils were employed, they returned to class after lunch. I have my lemon tto and rosalina diffusing at the moment to hopefully ward off the sneezes AND their cooties. 😉
There has been a lot of laughter this week, and a lot of tears today. It's more than a little sad to think I may not cross paths with some of these people again. It's not as though we know every detail of each other's lives, but we shared an incredible journey together in the past 7 months. They are an amazing group of individuals, and I am more than a little humbled by them. But, my family graciously let me slip out of town for this in the midst of a crisis, and now it's time to go back. Unfortunately, there isn't an oil for everything in life, but atleast they're there when you need a boost, or a nap, or to just let go for awhile.
I'm excited for those now saying they will be attending the next session, and a little jealous. You're about to begin an amazing journey, and my friend Mark is a terrific guide. 

 - - - - - -
Made it home..had a hard time adjusting to 60 mph once I reached Indiana. As it turns out, I may be headed back that way far sooner than I had planned or wanted. If so, hopefully someone will turn the heat up! A lot yet to process, but having my brain so overloaded that it was impossible to think about "real life" for awhile was a good thing. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet such amazing people, who give the best hugs, have the sincerest of laughs, the most beaming smiles, and the biggest hearts. The education was important and enlightening, but those things were the best part of this experience.  

Echoing Sandy's last sentence.   At one point I commented on Facebook "we don't travel to places, we travel to PEOPLE" and that fit this journey.  Mark is a wonderful teacher, helping this aged brain wrap itself around the "why" of why the oils work as they do.  When he comes next year, give yourself  a great gift, and study with him. If you are in process of a certification course right now, hurry and finish so you will be qualified to be a student!

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Marjoram, and sweet basil is really delightful! Great new way to use both!