Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Day in the Life

Beverly writes:

"Look who made themselves at home on my windshield wiper! This cute fat baby, not completely feathered, perched itself for almost 2 hours according to the guys at Archangel Tattoo, who are right next door to us. I came out to go home, started my car, and then saw it sitting there. I had to call the bird whisperer, Christi Pugh to see what to do. I couldn't drive home and take it away from its home and its siblings and parents. I got a broom handle and gave it to Christi. She did her magic and it flew away."

Christi said she tried to get it to hop onto the broom, to be moved, but it decided to fly to the nearby fence.  Momma and Poppa were at the nest with the other fledglings.  We hope the wee one will make it home safely.

Live is never dull!

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