Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fragonia™ update:

Was emailing back and forth with John Day this past week, regarding some other oils,and he shared an update on the Fragonia replanting.

Above is a picture of some of the burnt out acreage.

John writes: "We seem to be endlessly busy getting things together again after the fire.
We have 80,000 little seedlings (picture attached) which will be ready to plant out in about Sept/Oct, and need to get the old burnt out plantation(picture attached)cleaned up and ready for planting by then.

We've also bought the burnt out pine plantation next door, so we have"future proofed" our business going forward...I'm thinking more about the next generation, not us, and Lisa is super keen to carry the business forward.

And for your info we are also putting in a trial planting of Manuka oil(Lept. Scaparium), along with a substantial planting of Manuka for honey production.

So plenty to do.    cheers
I can not conceive of 80,000 seedlings, much less of planting them all.
So many of us love Fragonia™.  I think we have no idea of the hard physical labor involved in bringing it, or the other oils we love, to us.

Thank you for sharing this, John. 
 (And I'm wondering about the new Manuka, how it will compare with our treasured East Cape Manuka.  It will be interesting to see GC's of that, when its ready.)

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Wendy Maddocks said...

Thanks for the update. Manuka L, scoparium is also endemic in Australia - interesting perspectives of which came first geologically speaking! There is such diversity in NZ as well with at least 11 different chemotypes.
It's wonderful to see the future of fragonia assured for generations to come. Thanks John and Peta for your continued vision.