Friday, May 12, 2017

Before and After (the Bite!)

Michelle gave her cousin Stephanie some SkeeterBeater and After The Bite, because Stephanie reacts badly to mosquito bites.

She recently posted this message on our Facebook Page, but for reasons unknown, I can't see it, nor can most of our visitors.  We thought it was worth sharing.

Before (bottom( and After (top)  Within one hour.

Stephanie wrote, "Can't thank my cousin Michelle Minor White enough for the goodies! I am a mosquito MAGNET and they always swell up so bad and itch like crazy! She sent me these blends yesterday (SkeeterBeater Gel and After the Bite.) Ironically, I ate breakfast on the screened in porch this morning with the kiddos and lo and behold, I got bitten by a mosquito.  I ran to grab my After the Bite Rollon and it feels WONDERFUL!  It's barely swollen, which is a huge change for me, and it doesn't itch AT ALL!  So then, I made sure to rub some Skeeter Beater Gel on the kids as soon as I got bit.  they both sniffed and said, "mmmm what's that smell?" because it smells great, too.  Go check out her shop and get some goodies! Can't wait to take these jewels camping with us in a couple of weeks!"

Stephanie we are so glad the After the Bite worked for you.  I am amazed by the two pictures, and Michelle says they were taken less than an hour apart?

Wonderful!  and thank you so much for sharing.

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