Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tiny 2 ml Oils Still Pack a Mighty Punch

Two ML Bottles
By Christi R. Pugh
For Nature's Gift
2 ml bottle with Pipette

“What can you actually do with a 2 ml oil?” we are often asked. The tiny amber bottle looks and seems so small, doesn’t it?  We’re talking about a 2 ml (that's forty drops give or take) of a rare and exquisite aromatic. 

Marge offers suggestions:
-You can blend from one to four ounces of body oil.

-You can make small blends for various uses.  (Most formulas for home users are calculated by the drop.)

-You can add two or three drops to one of our amphoras for wearable aromatherapy.

-You can add just 8 to 10 drops to an ounce of our unscented Silken Skin Lotion, for the world’s most aromatic skin treatment.  (A one oz Malibu jar fits nicely in my purse.)

-You can add just one drop to a tablespoon (1/2 ounce, 15 mls) of your favorite nourishing skincare oils for an aromatic serum. Neroli, Rose, Helichrysum, German Chamomile are all marvelous facial oils. And yes, that low a dilution can be very effective.

-You can wear our premade dilutions on your pulse points as a skin-safe natural perfume, alone or blended with another diluted aromatic.  (Try a drop of Rosa Alba CO2 5% topped by 2 drops of Lilac CO2 10% on your wrist.  This powerful and evocative blend was created by Mindy Green at the recent AIA conference…on my wrist!)

-You could add perhaps 10 drops of Neroli to the cotton core of an aroma blank for an anti-anxiety inhaler. (Or saturate the wick with Neroli 10%.)

-A single drop of Helichrysum in Rose Hip Seed Oil is usually enough for a single application to a surgical scar.  Of course you will want to reapply, and long term application might be necessary, but this is enough to start with.

In reality, since many essential oils “pack-a-punch,” it is necessary to dilute, say, almighty Rose or Jasmine, unless you are skilled at blending or a natural perfumer.  The aroma can be overwhelming, otherwise.  For this reason, we offer most of our 10% or 5% oils; as well as the cost factor…we want everyone to be able to experience these rare and precious oils.

Did you know that all our 2 ml oils come with a tiny mini pipette to help with dispensing the oil?  It is a very helpful tool.  

Next time you think, “What can you do with a 2 ml oil?” Remember, the possibilities are limitless.

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