Tuesday, September 11, 2018

In memory

Following that horrific Tuesday in September 2001, I wrote to Gabriel Mojay and asked him to suggest blends people could use to deal with the emotional aftermath of that unimaginable Tuesday. He graciously responded with several suggested blends, and permission to quote them to you:

 Quoted from the newsletter we sent out the following week.

1. Grief that is coupled with emotional shock and stunned disbelief:

True lavender (5)
Jasmine (3)
Spikenard (2)

2. Grief in which an unbearable feeling of loss, overwhelming sadness,
and constant tears are most pronounced:
Rose (4)
Sandalwood (4)
Neroli (2)

3. Grief that results in a sense of being numbed and withdrawn:
Frankincense (5)
Cypress (3)
Clary sage (2)

4. Grief that provokes a terrible feeling of anger and revenge:
Roman chamomile (3)
Rose (2)
Bergamot (5) (or Bergamot petitgrain, if the blend is to be
applied to the skin and exposed to the sun)

5. Grief that involves feelings of anxiety, dread and helplessness
(for spiritual courage):
Thyme linalol (3)
Lavender (3)
Spikenard (2)
Angelica root (2) (or Himalayan cedarwood, if the blend is to be applied to the skin and exposed to the sun)

6. Grief that partly expresses itself as a need to nurture others, but in so doing, forgetting one's own needs:
Sweet Orange (4)
Marjoram (3)
Frankincense (3)

Gabriel, as most of you know by now, is the author of one of my favorite aromatherapy books, "Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit"

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