Sunday, March 2, 2008

Get to know yourself with the help of The Blossoming Heart

(Christi wrote this Thursday or Friday, but we were so busy with the leap year sale there was no time to post it earlier.)

What do your Favorite Essential Oils say about you?

This morning as I was flipping through the new edition of Robbi Zeck’s “The Blossoming Heart: Aromatherapy for Healing & Transformation,” book, I had an “aha” moment while looking up my three favorite oils of all time: Patchouli, Rosewood, & East Indian Sandalwood. I was struck by the eerie spiritual similarities to my favorite oils.

According to Zeck, Patchouli represents peacefulness, & “awakens within the soul a deep yearning for the comforting presence of peace, bringing spiritual insights to all realms.” Rosewood represents receptiveness, & “…accesses the eternal intuitiveness that rests deeply within the trunk of your own wise wood.” East Indian Sandalwood represents reflection &, “…offers a higher perspective from which to view your life.” Wow! Who knew?

These oils are a daily part of my life, so it makes sense that there is some purpose & meaning in WHY I am so drawn to them collectively.

What about you? Which oils do you crave or simply cannot live without?

You may discover a common thread in your essential oils of preference. Know yourself through “The Blossoming Heart.”


June said...

I ordered a copy of The Blossoming Heart after Marge mentioned it. It's more than a book; it is an experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys deeper understanding of essential oils and their roles in our lives.

The odd combination of Fennel and Clove turned out to fit my needs. I tend to accumulate clutter and to be resistant to new experiences. This combination is really helping me make the necessary changes.

Christi said...

Hi June: Thank you for sharing your experiences. I feel the same way, it IS more than a book. I've had it for more than a year & I am still making new discoveries. I too like Fennel & Clove, it is the East Indian or Mediterranean vibe. Yummy! Another favorite which I did not mention in the original post, is Frankincense. It is in my top 5 & I tend to love a different Frankincense each week depending on my mood/needs. Yes, it too is a spiritual oil & flows with the others I've selected. Anyone else?

June said...

I meant to mention that since some EOs are not to be used on skin, I am using my Clove/Fennel mix in the Aromastone. I have one in my home office and use the second one in the bathroom when I am bathing or showering.

Denise said...

Oh this is so cool! I am going to have to mix fennel and clove and see what I think. I do love fennel! My favorites, lemme see...I love Frankincense and Rose and I am crazy for Orange. They are my favs right now, anyway. But I don't have the Blossoming Heart. It looks like I'll hafta get it, now. Thanks ya'll, for your interesting comments and Christi for the provocative article!