Friday, March 28, 2008

Nexus Interview

My old online friend Liz Tams is Co-editor of Nature's Nexus, a wonderful gathering place of perfumers, and those interested in a more natural or aromatic lifestyle. Read the interview HERE. (I had to edit this article because since I posted it last Friday, Ruth moved the interview to her 'interviews' collection, and featured my new book on the front page instead!) Bless her dear heart!

I love the Nature's Nexus forum... Conversations about natural perfumery, natural beauty products, alternative/complementary health modalities, green living, and more. All geared toward those of us trying to practice a more sustainable or natural lifestyle.

(The forum will require logging in and getting a password before you can participate. Ruth and Liz will never use your information for any spam or nagging or anything like that. They just like to know who's coming to visit.)

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WurdGurl said...

Hi Marge,

What a wonderful interview -- thank you for sharing so much of yourself! I believe it's deeply unique and personal information like this that inspires, motivates and teaches others, and I think that's the true spirit of the oils and of aromatherapy! :-)

Blessings, Carrie W.