Friday, November 14, 2008

A gift in my Computer

Somewhere this week I came across a link that I clicked on out of idle curiousity... Thoughts of Pandora's Box filled my mind, but I clicked anyway. (Feeling bold and exploratory, I was!)

And I found the most wonderful font of online music.

Not a 'download this song' to your MP3 player (I don't have one!) or your hard drive... but an interesting concept. Enter a single song name, or an artist you love...or better yet, a song by an artist. First they will play a similar song by the same artist. (Not your request, but a substitute, for complicated legal reasons.) Then they will find other songs that in their computer seem to "fit" with your first selection. If they choose wrong, you may cancel it and start over. Just tell them "that's not what I meant." and they'll come up with other suggestions. Or you can start over. I've listened to 60's folk, to Waylon and Willie, to Indian flutes.

A few minutes ago I entered "Clannard" and I'm listening to wonderful soft vocals and... well... If you can't find something you enjoy here, then you just should go watch TV or something.

The programing is based on the The Music Genome Project (tm). (I was going to explain what that is...but they do it better than I could.

At any rate, it's a pure delightful listening experience. ENJOY!!!

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