Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thoughts on Holiday shopping, and avoiding the mall

Two weeks ago my vacuum cleaner started smoking. It was suggested that perhaps a replacement was due. So, I did what I always do. Went to and checked out the best buys, the best quality, etc. Chose what I thought I wanted, and started shopping.

Went to one of my favorite "great price/great service" places, and started an order. Got interrupted. Later went to to check on some videos for my grandson.

And found my vacuum cleaner for $100 less...with free shipping and no sales tax. I only regret not logging onto Amazon through our affiliate link, so Nature's Gift would have gotten credit for the referral.

SO, for Christmas shopping...for all the presents we can't supply, I'd suggest checking out Amazon. "They aren't just for books any more!" You can find toys for all ages, music favorites at bargain prices (while browsing, I had to order The Ultimate Waylon Jennings and the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album that I missed the first time around!), organic hot chocolate, Godiva Chocolates, stocking stuffers for your fur-kids, tools for him (or her, I'm reminded!), clothing... (I'm looking at a dress for my youngest grand-daughter but I can't get the link to work to show you. frustrating!) In other words...something for everyone on your list.
(Yes, we are Amazon affiliates and if you choose to click on one of those links and order something from Amazon -whether it's something we suggested or not- we may get a few cents commission.) But... it's also a great way to beat standing in line at the mall!

(I will do almost anything to avoid the mall!!!)

And if you DO shop via one of our links, we thank you!

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