Monday, December 15, 2008

People just baffle me!

They really do.

I never EVER shop at a website without first checking out their "Clearance/Bargain/Special Sale" pages. Even if I go to that specific site to purchase one specific product, I always look to see what is on sale. Because you never know, and I *love* to save money. I always wait to order from my favorite packaging supplier until I receive her weekly "what's on sale this week" flyer. I wouldn't want to order the day before it goes on sale!

So... it seems to me... that the BEST place to get everyone's attention would be at the top of the specials page. Especially if what I want to get their attention about is a special promotional code that will save them money.

It is downright amazing how many people never visit that page. Of course they are, in most cases, spending 10% more than they would if they had the code. So I shouldn't complain.

But it still baffles me. Are Christi, T and I the only bargain hunters left in the world?

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