Friday, December 19, 2008

Virgin Coconut Oil (or, a Cat named Marge)

I enjoy P. Allen Smith's gardening newsletter. I copy his recipes, and sometimes borrow his weekly quotes for our "Quote of the Month"

I'm not really sure of my reaction to his naming his striped cat Marge, and giving her her own column on his website, tho. Seeing an article entitled "Marge Says, "Yum! Coconut oil..." startled me immensely, because although I sometimes saute things in our Virgin Coconut Oil, I've never tried it "unadorned" or tried feeding it to either Max or BlueKitty. After reading the following, though, I may try. I have to admit that their Marge certainly seems to be a charmer. And has excellent taste in coconut!

Quoting from the article: "My cat Marge was “thumbing” through a health book and discovered her new favorite treat – organic, virgin coconut oil. This isn’t the villainous hydrogenated coconut oil that contains trans-fats. Organic, virgin coconut oil has been the darling of health conscious people for several years and now Marge has discovered it. Not only is it good for people, but pets too. She’s so excited she wanted to share the news with her friends....." more

A note... for all sorts of legalistic reasons, our products are all "for external use only." We market our Virgin Coconut Oil for skin and hair care. However, I cook with it, and intend to try feeding a smidgeon of it to my furfamily.

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