Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost and Found - Sandalwood Tamil 2002

I was looking for something in my home "workroom." Didn't find what I was looking for, but came across something worth far more. Several ounces of our Sandalwood Tamil 2002, distilled from heartwood only. It has been out of stock for years.

When we first procured it, in 2002, this is what I wrote on the website:

"Sandalwood-Tamil-2002 - Even the best Sandalwoods need at least two years after distillation to mellow and ripen. We have procured what we call our "investment sandalwood"... fresh from the still of a master distiller, distilled from the heartwood of a tree over five decades old, with a distillation time measured in weeks, not days, this Sandalwood oil is pleasant today. It is extraordinarily sweet, and has good staying power in blends. Given time to mature a bit it will develop the complexity that a good Sandalwood should have. In five years it will be splendid. In twenty or forty years, it will be beyond belief...something to leave in your will to your grandchildren. Anne has already tucked some away for her six year old's 21st birthday and for his wedding. Now, we can age it for you, and increase the price as it ages. Or you can invest in some at this bargain price and put it way for safekeeping. "

Well, I have inadvertantly aged it for you. It is no longer bargain priced.
I very carefully wiped a THICK layer of dust off the bottle, unsealed it, and said "ahhhhhhh"

It will be featured on our February "New and Specials" page, when I have time to get that written. Needless to say, quantities will be VERY limited!


Andy said...

Muahahaha... I hope not to use up too much of your bandwidth waiting for your specials page and your beautiful 2002 sandalwood! I thought I may have gotten the last batch of this amazing distillation! :-D

Marge said...

And of course I want to quote your comment in the product description, or the newsletter, or somewhere! When I say it's amazing, folks think it's just marketing hype. When YOU (or another client) says it... they believe.

This is the one Chris McMahon used to send folks to me to buy.

Marge said...

totally off topic, Andy...but are you the owner of the Myside Blog? I'm about to link it on my list of favorite blogs.

Andy said...

Yes I am. I am honored that you are going to link to my content! Thank You!