Sunday, January 25, 2009

Top 10 list - Hydrosols

Our shopping cart will do an export of products ordered through the cart and paid for by credit card. Based on this limitation, offline orders, phone orders, and bulk hydrosols/hydrolats (since they aren't listed in the cart) aren't counted. But the figures are a fair assessment of what our retail clients are buying. (The small manufacturers who may buy 32 ounces of, let's say Cistus Hydrosol for an anti-aging face cream are not reflected, of course.) I found some of the results interesting, and thought you might too:

10: Rose Alba - This one rather surprised me. Perhaps it shouldn't though, it just smells so lovely. A must have for any true rose lover.

9: Lavender Mailette - Since Lavender Hydrosol is so often recommended as an "all purpose" toner I would have thought it would rank higher. Perhaps because we offer two Lavender Hydrolats people are confused?

8: Tea Tree Hydrosol - Who would have thought? I think people are using it for acne? And, of course, its sweetly herbal scent makes it a true unisex toner.

7. Melissa Hydrolat - Great for oily skin, refreshing. Further research shows we sell more of this one during the summer months. That makes perfect sense to me.

6: Roman Chamomile Hydrosol - Again, not surprising. One of our more reasonably priced hydrosols, and a nice anti-inflammatory. Safe and effective for use on babies, as well.

5: Frankincense Hydrosol - whoda thunk? But it is wonderful for delicate and sensitive skin. Perhaps Christi's writing about it has caught your attention?

4: Neroli - One of my personal favorites. Good for all skin types, especially oily or combination skin; richly aromatic, great for anxiety, and one of our clients says it helps fade thread veins. Lots of good client feedback on this one.

3: WitchHazel - our bargain priced hydrosol - not surprising, based on its extremely low price - for those who don't want alcohol in their skincare products.

2: Rose - Is there anyone in the world who has not heard of Rose water? Of course this is the best known of our hydrosols.

and for our most popular - best selling hydrosol:

1. Helichrysum Hydrosol! In spite of its rarity and high cost, year in and year out, when we can keep it in stock, Helichrysum Hydrosol remains our most popular hydrolat - hydrosol.

And there you have it.

some surprises (for me, at least) We go through a lot of Cistus Hydrosol, but more often in bulk. I would have thought Patchouli would have listed higher than it did. And if I had combined the Lavender Buena Vista and Lavender Mailette totals the Lavender waters together would have ranked 6th - behind Frankincense, but above Roman Chamomile

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