Saturday, August 1, 2009

FOCUS Synergy: an anecdote

My friend JoAnn is a tech at the St. Thomas Heart Institute here in Nashville. If you have to have a treadmill test done, odds are this blond woman with the huge smile will be the tech encouraging you through the test.

JoAnn has never been certified for her position. She knows her job, and is excellent at it, but is extremely "test phobic." She's taken the certification exam several times, and always failed it.

Recently the hospital decreed that all techs must be certified. She was in a state of panic, because failing the test again meant losing her job.

She was studying hard, as she always had. But frightened that, once again, she'd not be able to access her knowledge and experience when the testing day came.

I made some suggestions. That instead of studying late into the night, she try getting up early to study. And that she use my aromastone diffuser, and diffuse our Focus Synergy (a blend of essential oils each tested and shown to improve mental focus, alertness, and memory/recall) while studying the most challenging material.

She did this. Last Saturday, on the day of the exam, we tucked a tissue with Focus on it inside her bra. (I was going to have her wear one of our amulets with the blend in it, but no jewelry is allowed in the testing area.)

She came home floating on cloud nine! Passing score on the exam was 650. Her score? 764 out of 800!

Was it the Focus? Was it her hard work (although she had studied hard for the other exams)? Was it the praying we did the morning of the exam? I don't know. Perhaps all of the above.

But Focus helped!

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