Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lavender Lotion for Alzheimers

We just finished completing what felt like a thousand pages of paperwork to be listed as a Federal Contractor.  Did I want to become a federal contractor? Not especially.  But do I want to supply products to a VA hospital's hospice? You betcha.   

We were requested to supply something that I hadn't thought of - a lavender lotion.  For use with patients with Alzheimers and Dementia.  Now, there are many small studies and case studies that indicate the low level use of Lavender essential oil can be effective in calming agitation as well as improving the quality of sleep in patients with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimers.  And for a mostly elderly population, of course the use of a hand lotion containing Lavender Essential Oil would be an effective delivery method.

As always, we were delighted to be able to help meet the needs of a Hospice; but then we started thinking.  If we are going to be making small quantities of Lavender lotion for a client... would Lavender Silk Lotion be something our customers could find a use for?  Oh, I think so... ;)

Look for it in March, perhaps... a precursor to Springtime.  Right now, in the middle of the worst winter weather we've experienced in years, we find ourselves focussing on the SERIOUS skin creams... Calendula Repair, Radiance, etc.  But with the warmer weather, a lighter lotion will be more appropriate, and I'm thinking of all the uses... it would ease sunburn or windburn from too much time in the fresh air,  what a wonderful way to ease yourself into afterbath anointing with relaxing Lavender Silk.  Light enough to use for a toddler's back rub when he's too wound up to relax into slumber.  Ah yes...  Lavender Silk will be a Springtime delight.

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Cindy said...

Lavender is such a wonderful scent for many things. Its great that healthcare workers are actually using this great product for patients.